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Wolf Eyes | Difficult Messages (2023)



A compilation dredged together from a series of private press recordings of the core Wolf Eyes crew collaborating with friends is the perfect weird prism through which to examine the lockdown period we’ve just been through, says Daryl…The Quietus
D.Messages feels a bit more scattered than most of Wolf Eyes’ main releases, but it’s a nice sampler of the many constellations of the group’s vast universe…All Music
Cover painting by Olson and Young. Zine text by Moskos, Olson and Young. Layout by Studio Tape Echo.
Mixed and mastered by Warren Defever at Third Man, Detroit. Cut by Kassian Troyer at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. Sequenced by Disciples.

Wolf Eyes: Difficult Messages

1. Phone Intro (01:01)
2. Short Hands – Dank Boone (03:18)
3. Time Designers – Passive Tempos (03:39)
4. Gretchen – Locked Rivers (03:14)
5. Stare Case – Lost Head (04:23)
6. U Eye Trio – Courted Reverb (04:16)
7. Short Hands – 3rd Night Tax Edit (04:00)
8. Animal Sounds – Michigan Red Squirrel (05:54)
9. W. Raven – Tulsa Once (02:47)
10. Universal Eyes – Tense Lapse (03:39)
11. Invisible Thread – Feedback 6 (04:39)


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