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The Men | New York City (2023)



Prolific Brooklyn institution The Men return with their ninth studio album, ‘NYC’. Arriving following 2020’s ‘Mercy’, the new LP is released February 3rd 2023 on the group’s new label home Fuzz Club Records and marks a return to the more scuzzy and abrasive rock ploughed over their decade and a half spent coursing through the grimy sewers of NYC… Bandcamp
Whatever else group have been over the years-and the New York band known for tough, noisy garage rock songs has done several other things besides-they’ve never been half-assed about their music. Led by co-founders Nick Chiericozzi and Mark Perro, group have explored country, surf and classic rock styles, along with the punk and noise influences that first… Paste Magazine

The Men: NYC

01. Hard Livin’
02. Peace of Mind
03. Echo
04. God Bless the USA
05. Eye
06. Eternal Recurrence
07. Round the Corner
08. Through the Night
09. Anyway I Find You
10. River Flows



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