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The WAEVE | The WAEVE (2023)



The WAEVE – composed of Graham Coxon and Rose Elinor Dougall – release their eponymous debut album, out on Transgressive Records.
Produced by The WAEVE and James Ford (Arctic Monkeys, Florence & The Machine, Foals, HAIM) and recorded in London earlier this year, ‘The WAEVE’ is a collection of 10 new tracks from songwriters Graham Coxon and Rose Elinor Dougall.
Graham Coxon and Rose Elinor Dougall met at a London venue in 2020 and exchanged playlists. Bonding over a shared love of English folk, a collaboration emerged, of which this album is the product. The ten songs of this self-titled debut, The Waeve, are sprawling in influence and sound, and cinematic in arrangement. Recorded at Coxon’s north London… The Upcoming


1. Can I Call You (4:23)
2. Kill Me Again (4:09)
3. Over And Over (6:13)
4. Sleepwalking (5:57)
5. Drowning (6:04)
6. Someone Up There (2:41)
7. All Along (5:33)
8. Undine (7:47)
9. Alone And Free (4:48)
10. You’re All I Want To Know (6:04)



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