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Screaming Females | Desire Pathway


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Released on February 17th by Don Giovanni Records, Desire Pathway was recorded at Minnesota’s Pachyderm Studios (where Nirvana recorded In Utero) and produced by Matt Bayles (Foxing, Pearl Jam, Mastodon, et al). Bright and full, the album captures the band at a time when nothing was certain other than their abiding desire to make music together…. Don Giovanni
A‘desire pathway’ is one of those paths carved outside of the determined sidewalks by the collective will of people for whom it was obvious which was the best way to go. The trio Screaming Females are currently seventeen years and eight albums into finding their way in the world, and they’ve got a nice path of their own figured out, laid out by the stable line-up of singer and guitarist Marissa Paternoster, Mike Abbate on bass and Jarret Dougherty on drums. The band is known for a mix of different rock styles, which is a lot to take in, but turns into a smooth drink in their skilled hands… The Sleeping Shaman

1. Brass Bell
2. Desert Train
3. Let You Go
4. Beyond The Void
5. Mourning Dove
6. It’s All Said And Done
7. Ornament
8. So Low
9. Let Me Into Your Heart
10. Titan

Recorded and Produced by Matt Bayles at Pachyderm Studios in Cannon Falls, MN
Additional Recording done by Eric Bennet at Lakehouse Studio in Asbury Park, NJ
Mixed by Matt Bayless
Mastered by Ed Brooks at Esonant Mastering
Album Art by Marissa Paternoster
Photographed by Dan Chabanov

Tour Dates

Feb 17, 2023. White Eagle Hall. Jersey City, NJ. …
Feb 18, 2023. White Eagle Hall. Jersey City, NJ. …
Feb 19, 2023. Main Street Music. Philadelphia, PA. …
Mar 04, 2023. Alice’s Champagne Palace. Homer, AK. …
Mar 06, 2023. Sheldon Community Arts Hanger. …
Mar 08, 2023. Bad Mother. …
Mar 08, 2023. Goldies. …
Mar 09, 2023. Cafecito Bonito.

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