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Seaming To | Dust Gatherers


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Dust Gatherers is Seaming To’s second full-length album. The London-based multi-instrumentalist has been producing music since 2006, exploring different dimensions. Her art can hardly be put into any box – the oriental ambient sound and jazz-tinged avant-pop approach of the earlier records, 2012’s EP Mermaid and debut album Seaming, can indicate artistic closeness to auteurs such as Björk and Susanne Sundfør but that’s only one facet of this unidentified stone… The Quietus
Dust Gatherers is the second album from composer and vocalist Seaming To and her first full-length LP in a decade. It follows the London-based artist’s 2022 EP Natural Process. The new album is inspired in part by magical realism and mythology, and includes elements of classical, jazz, and experimental pop music, anchored by piano, analog synths, and glockenspiel. Dust Gatherers’ ethereal ballads and ambient soundscapes include contributions from Semay Wu, Matthew Batty, Justin Lingard, Paddy Steer, and Simian Mobile Disco’s James Ford… Pitchfork

When Bjork sang of an ‘Army of Me’, it evoked not just the powers she could summon if wronged, but also her multiplicity as an artist. That is still more the case with the enigmatic, dazzlingly versatile artist, Seaming To. Though working here mostly solo, she has the capacity of a full ensemble, not just in terms of her remarkable vocal range and multi-instrumental virtuosity, but in her ability to shapeshift effortlessly, to merge between genres, and change colour at will. Dust Gatherers is a unique achievement, an album of unclassifiable, magic-realist avant-pop. Drawing on and alluding to classical, jazz, blues, pop, and electronica, Dust Gatherers always wears its eclecticism weightlessly, airily, dreamily… Beguiling, evocative, emotionally fraught, but never putting a foot wrong, Dust Gatherers is an Army of Her… Five Rise Records

1. AnOverture (02:19)
2. Blessing (04:29)
3. Tousles (05:26)
4. Brave (02:55)
5. Traveller (03:17)
6. Water Flows (03:52)
7. Xenanmax (02:57)
8. Hitchhiker (04:09)
9. Look Away (04:33)
10. Pleasures Are Meaningless (03:15)
11. Tenderly (03:26)

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