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Shakey Graves | Deadstock: A Shakey Graves Day Anthology


vm 104
Twelve thousand years ago, the mayor of Austin bequeathed February 9th as Shakey Graves Day, and since then I have used it each year as an unofficial alter ego birthday. This year, we have two shows to mark the occasion: February 9th at Tulipsin Fort Worth, TX (low tickets available) and February 10th at Scoot Inn in Austin, TX (sold out). Additionally, for SGDXII, I have curated an SG Day anthology album including unreleased tunes and hand-picked favorites from previous albums called DEADSTOCK, available digitally and permanently on all platforms.
All of the previous Shakey Graves Day releases will also be up on Bandcamp for pay-what-you-want for 72 hours (starting Thursday, February 9 at 12:01am (CT) and ends at 11:59pm (CT) on Saturday, February 11th.).

At the shows, there will be exclusive SGDXII t-shirts and a limited number of SGDXII posters available for sale. Furthermore, In advance of new sounds, looks, and shows for 2023, we are having a HUGE online merch sale. Half of the proceeds will go to Free Lunch, an incredible meal support program in Austin that provides meals to those experiencing homelessness, no questions asked. Visit for more details.
I’m excited for what’s coming next and hope you have a wonderful SGDXII.

1. Chupacadabra (01:57)
2. Rotten Ol’ Me (03:54)
3. Shakey Graves with Texino & Buffalo Hunt – One In A Million (03:24)
4. Laughing All The Way (05:03)
5. Big Bad Wolf (Live) (04:56)
6. Shakey Graves with Monica Martin – O Death (04:48)
7. Who Died (04:09)
8. Look Alive (Live) (05:10)
9. Trouble By Noon (03:22)
10. Devil May Care (02:32)
11. Shakey Graves with Buffalo Hunt – Old Lady City (02:33)
12. Not Wife (03:24)
13. My El Dorado (06:17)
14. Good Listener (04:09)
15. The Recipe (Live) (05:45)
16. Kids These Days (Live) (04:47)

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