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dEUS | How To Replace It


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Antwerp band dEUS – built around the core of Tom Barman and Klaas Janzoons – started out as a very interesting band. They fully leaned into the anything-goes sector of 90s music where the likes of Beck, Beastie Boys, Björk, Moloko and Super Furry Animals kicked away genre fences and got their weird on…. The Arts Desk
Belgian rockers dEUS are back again with How To Replace It, their first new music in over 10 years. I’m old enough to recall hearing the wheezing violins that made breakthrough single ‘Suds & Soda’ so memorable. I’d keep a minimal interest in the band over the years indulging in their 1994 debut Worst Case Scenario, skipping the next release, then returning to 1999’s The Ideal Crash and I’m pretty sure 2008’s Vantage Point resides in the attic somewhere… Echoes and Dust

1. How To Replace It (5:30)
2. Must Have Been New (3:47)
3. Man Of The House (5:12)
4. 1989 (5:05)
5. Faux Bamboo (4:28)
6. Dream Is A Giver (4:35)
7. Pirates (4:42)
8. Simple Pleasures (3:32)
9. Never Get You High (3:37)
10. Why Think It Over (Cadillac) (5:07)
11. Love Breaks Down (3:42)
12. Le Blues Polaire (6:36)

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