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Lowly | Keep Up The Good Work


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Bella Union we are pleased to announce the new album Keep Up The Good Work by Lowly due for release 17th February 2023. The internationally acclaimed quintet from Denmark continue to develop their creative process, embracing other peoples’ affection and letting it blend into their songwriting. The result of this journey: Keep Up The Good Work, the band’s most heartfelt work to date. To mark the announcement, they share the albums title track which you can listen to below.
Sometimes the support we need doesn’t lie in complex answers. Sometimes it can be found in the most simple encouragement. This reflection is embodied throughout their third album, Keep Up The Good Work. This music has been forged within a maelstrom of lockdown restrictions and critical life events; often working together virtually, and eventually being together physically and writing as a group… Bella Union

1. What A Day (1:38)
2. Seasons (3:53)
3. Keep Up The Good Work (5:41)
4. Happen (3:21)
5. Feel Someone (4:00)
6. The Fish (4:48)
7. YAGAILY (0:43)
8. You Are Good And I Love You (3:11)
9. Lead Me (2:54)
10. 13:21 (1:36)
11. Nothing Much (3:23)
12. Took A Day Off Feeling Sad (3:55)
13. The We The You The I (4:51)
14. Mouth (3:43)

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