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Atom™ & Pete Namlook | Jet Chamber I-V


vm 114

Originally released 1995-2000. Remastered by Atom™, 2021. Music by Atom™ and Pete Namlook. Produced, programmed, recorded, edited and mixed by Atom™ and Pete Namlook at Pete’s Studio, Frankfurt/M. and Klanglabor Hödeshof, 2000. All tracks remastered and restored from original Digital Audio Tapes.
The first in a series of collaborative improvisations by German experimentalists Pete Namlook & Atom Heart (Uwe Schmidt), 1995’s Jet Chamber is a bit on the spotty side, but the tracks that work are sublime, some of the best ambient electronica of their era. The opening track, the 31-minute “Split Wide,” is a bliss-out classic… AllMusic
Like a movie sequel that’s basically a retread of the original, there’s a definite “been there, done that” feel to the second entry in Pete Namlook & Atom Heart’s Jet Chamber series of collaborative improvisations, but like the best movie sequels, there’s just enough of a changeup in Jet Chamber II to keep it from becoming redundant. Where Namlook was clearly in control of 1995’s Jet Chamber, Jet Chamber II is more of a showcase… AllMusic

1. Split Wide (30:46)
2. Rotor Cabinet (12:27)
3. Chaos Impuls (04:11)
4. Feedback Fluctuation (10:10)
5. Streamline (11:18)

1. Inner Rotation (18:29)
2. Calm Box (17:20)
3. Outer Rotation (26:56)

1. Rub Out (10:46)
2. Dub In (21:18)
3. Ultra Koran (03:10)
4. Quite My Chords (24:17)
5. Beel (02:43)

1. Zappel Jazz (19:45)
2. Clearing Your Head (22:01)
3. The Third Option (11:57)

1. I Miss Green (21:22)
2. Tightness (16:55)
3. Voted Steady (13:39)

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