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Chris Potter | Got the Keys to the Kingdom: Live at the Village Vanguard

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vm 115
Got the Keys to the Kingdom’ is the new album from world-renowned saxophonist Chris Potter, recorded live at the Village Vanguard in February 2022. Since joining Edition Records in 2019, he has released two albums with his Circuits Trio (featuring James Francies and Eric Harland), as well as the multi-tracked solo record: ‘There Is A Tide’. Chris’ latest album features an all-star band comprising Craig Taborn, Scott Colley and Marcus Gilmore, recorded live in arguably the most famous and revered Jazz club in the world.
The new record is bursting with energy – in the moment and free. The tracklist exclusively features covers, often simple, joyous spiritual songs walking a path between augmenting the music but not losing the rawness of the original. Reimagined folk tunes (Nozani Na, Olha Maria), powerful spirituals (Got the Keys to the Kingdom) and uncommon jazz standards (Blood Count, Klactoveedsedstene) make the final cut from the multi-night residency. It’s a tracklist that defies convention allowing the band space to explore with some melodies that may not be so familiar to fans of the music; as Chris says himself – “these are tunes people don’t usually play”…. Edition Records

1. You Gotta Move (14:02)
2. Nozani Na (10:53)
3. Blood Count (9:01)
4. Klactoveedsedstene (7:27)
5. Olha Maria (6:22)
6. Got the Keys to the Kingdom (13:36)

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