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The Pigeon Detectives – Emergency [15 Year Anniversary Reissue]


vm 121
Very Limited Run of a remastered recordings of ‘Emergency’ the gold-selling 2nd album from The Pigeon Detectives. The original version was released 15 years ago in 2008.
The debut album by the Pigeon Detectives, 2007’s Wait for Me, was a fairly scrappy, almost punky take on the great Brit-pop revival of the late 2000s, full of refreshingly concise two-minute rockers owing much to the Buzzcocks/Undertones tradition. Unfortunately, the rush-released follow-up, barely a year later, loses most of what was appealing and fun about the debut. The album was produced by Stephen Street, whose work for the Smiths, Blur, and more recently the Kaiser Chiefs has made him a major figure in the style, but unfortunately… AllMusic

01. This is an Emergency
02. I’m Not Gonna Take This
03. Keep on Your Dress
04. Don’t You Wanna Find Out
05. I’ll Be Waiting
06. She’s Gone
07. Nothing to Do with You
08. I’m a Liar
09. You Don’t Need It
10. Say It Like You Mean It
11. Love You for a Day (Hate You for a Week)
12. Making up Numbers
13. Everybody Wants Me
14. Get up, Get Out
15. Get the Message
16. Make You Mine
17. Lets Stay out Tonight


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