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Jim O’Rourke, Giovanni Di Domenico – Immanent in Nervous Activity


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Visionary composer/improvisor/engineer O’Rourke and estimable pianist Di Domenico reprise a brand of high minimalist electro-acoustic enchantment on a beautiful 2nd venture with Die Schachtel – RIYL Charlemagne Palestine, Éliane Radigue, The Necks. Taking flight in pursuit of the heady ideas first outlined on 2015’s ‘Arco’, the duo are joined by Eiko Ishibashi and Tatsuhiro Yamamoto on their searching, day-into-night follow-up. Each player brings an enormous wealth of experience and fine-honed intuition to their part, with O’Rourke… Boomkat
Delivering the long overdue follow up to their brilliant 2015 outing, Arco, the duo of Giovanni Di Domenico and Jim O’Rourke return to Die Schachtel with Immanent in Nervous Activity. Understated and elegant – enlisting the contributions of Eiko Ishibashi and Tatsuhisa Yamamoto – across the album’s two sides Di Domenico and O’Rourke slow time, deftly weaving… Bandcamp

1. Part I [22:36]
2. Part II [21:39]

Music by Jim O’Rourke & Giovanni Di Domenico featuring Eiko Ishibashi on flute and Tatsuhisa Yamamto on snare drum
Recorded at Hoshi to niji studio, Yamanashi, Japan, January 2017
Mixed and mastered by Jim O’Rourke at Steamroom, 2021
Vinyl cut by Frédèric Alstadt at Mon Analogue, 2022
Thanks to Kafka, Eiko, Tatsuhisa
Produced by Fabio Carboni & Bruno Stucchi
design+artwork: Bruno Stucchi,
(C) SIAE 2022 – Die Schachtel Zeit Composers DSZC20

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