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CEREMONY east coast – Lovesick



Lovesick is John Fedowitz and Sandra Fedowitz darkest album yet. The new Ceremony East Coast album was written and recorded right after the two-piece band moved to NYC in the midst of the pandemic. Each of the 12 songs reflects the couple’s vulnerability and the urge to move forward. Lovesick is just as bass heavy as CEC’s last release CANDY. But just as life never stays the same, Ceremony East Coast embraces constant change and is not afraid of pushing their own limits. Lots of DX7 keyboard tracks, wave like dark post punk guitars and driving drums create a haunting sound experience. Listen to it with headphones, as you are cutting wood, being on an airplane… Bandcamp

Symbolically released on Valentine’s Day, the new album “Lovesick” by noise rockers Ceremony East Coast, who took a new rapid start in 2017 after a long pause, band has already released 4 albums in less than 5 years.
Still true with DIY decisions, John and Sandra do release their vinyl albums by their own, print T-shirts, assemble crazy videos for concerts that run from a DVD player. All this despite the fact that both have been non-stop touring as part of A Place To Bury Strangers for a couple of years.
The new album is declared on the artist’s page as the darkest one recorded and was recorded after moving to NYC during the pandemic. However, the opposite seemed to us, Lovesick is assembled from understandable true melodies, it is raw in a good way and is still noisy and energetic. And yes, bass guitar sound smash your brain. Noise Me

01. Hope Dies Last 06:40
02. Life 04:29
03. Kicking So Much Ass 02:11
04. Close to Hell 03:57
05. It’s Over 02:23
06. Serenade 04:04
07. Star Killer 02:59
08. Knife Fite 03:18
09. Close Yer Eyes 03:57
10. No Tomorrow 03:27
11. Blue and Yellow Make Green 03:25
12. I don’t want to go to the Beach 04:49

All songs by John Fedowitz and Sandra Fedowitz
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