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bvdub – Fumika Fades



Memories fade. But to fade is not to disappear. It is to live a thousand more lives, each different from the next. And it is in their ebb and flow that eternity resides. Memories of a life when we shouted our feelings from the rooftops without words. Memories of days we never let each other fall. Never let each other know the meaning of a broken heart.
This is the distant soundtrack to a life of love past. Love faded. Sounds seeping in from the next room. From the window down the street. Muted reminders that life, and love, was all around us. That it still is. That memories can help as much as they hurt. Memories of who we were. Are. And will be. Because to fade means to have existed… Bandcamp

Brock Van Wey extraordinaire “bvdub” is renowned for his deepest form of electronic music and is undoubtedly one of the world’s most prolific artists, whose sound has a profound impact on the heart, soul, and mind of listeners. He possesses an enchanted capacity to produce work of unmatched quality and timeliness.
ECU is thrilled to present Fumika Fades, where his mastery to explore new limits, styles of expression, and storytelling is on display. You can expect 70% ambient, but with a newer sound that is more intense, often dirty, and always heavy. As the story unfolds, a new “bvdub” emerges. Unearthedsounds

1. Fade to Flow (19:13)
2. Fade to Find (19:32)
3. Fade to Feel (18:53)
4. Fade to Fall (20:11)

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