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Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds | Council Skies (2023)



Council Skies, named after a book by illustrator and Noel’s friend Pete McKee, finds Noel Gallagher reminiscing about his adolescence in Manchester before he and his brother and their band moved to London and hit it big at the dawn of the Britpop era.
“It’s going back to the beginning. Daydreaming, looking up at the sky and wondering about what life could be… that’s as true to me now as it was in the early ‘90s. When I was growing up in poverty and unemployment, music took me out of that,” Oasis guitarist said of the album in a statement. Rolling Stone

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds: Council Skies

N.G. recorded album at his Lone Star Sound Recording Studios in London, co-producing the album with longtime collaborator Paul “Strangeboy” Stacey. In a statement, the Oasis guitarist explained that the LP draws on the hunger for success that one really only feels in their youth. In addition to regular digital, CD, and LP formats, Council Skies will be released on 3xLP and 2xCD deluxe limited-edition formats that feature remixes by Robert Smith and Pet Shop Boys. Consequence Sound

01. I’m Not Giving Up Tonight
02. Pretty Boy
03. Dead to the World
04. Open the Door, See What You Find
05. Trying to Find a World That’s Been and Gone
06. Easy Now
07. Council Skies
08. There She Blows!
09. Love Is a Rich Man
10. Think Of a Number



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