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Faust | Momentaufnahme I – II (2023)



Originally part of 2021’s Box Set release commemorating the bands 50th anniversary Momentaufnahme I and II are now set for their own stand alone release by popular demand. This is for all those that missed out on the limited edition box set release. They collect together music recorded at the band’s studio – a converted schoolhouse in rural Wümme between 1971 and 1974 in a similar vein to the way in which ‘The Faust Tapes’ (released in 1973) was assembled. These two albums range from minimal electronic pulses, ambient dreamscapes, vocal collages to heavy drone, ritualistic percussion and psychedelic grooves. Highlights include the hypnotic space jams of ‘Vorsatz’ and ‘Rückwärts Durch Die Drehtür’, the delicate acoustics of ‘I Am… An Artist’ and the radiophonic workship-esq ‘Weird Sounds Sound Bizarre‘. Bureau B

Faust: Momentaufnahme

Momentaufnahme I

1. Naja
2. Flaflas
3. Es Ist Wieder Da
4. Mechanika
5. Weird Sounds Sound Bizarre
6. Karotten
7. RéMaj7
8. Fin De Face
9. Vorsatz
10. Acouphènes
11. Interlude 18. Juni
12. Dadalibal
13. Bonne Soupe Au Fromage
14. Rückwärts durch die Drehtür

CD Edition:

VINYL Edition:

Momentaufnahme II

1. Danach
2. Gegensprechanlage
3. Lampe an, Tür zu, Leute rein!
4. Purzelbaum mit Anschubsen
5. Tête-à-Tête im Schredder
6. Dampf
7. Testbildhauer
8. I am… an Artist
9. Wir wollen mehr Volumen kriegen
10. Arrampicarsi Sul Vesuvio
11. …und alles durcheinander
12. The Fear Of Missing Out
13. Ma Trompette
14. As-tu Vu Mon Ombre?

CD Edition:

VINYL Edition:

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