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Schiller | Illuminate (2023)


With 8 number 1 albums and numerous gold & platinum awards, Schiller mastermind Christopher von Deylen is Germany’s number 1 electronic artist. On his new album Illuminate, von Deylen consistently continues his musical path, which has recently led him back towards edgy electronic beats with catchy melodies.
Christopher von Deylen is the mastermind behind Schiller and is one of Germany’s most successful electronic artists. This is proven by various #1 albums and numerous gold and platinum awards for his electronic music. Schiller is now releasing Illuminate, on which von Deylen is broadening his musical path, focusing on edgy electronic beats with catchy melodies. In addition, he has returned to his electro-pop to create electronic sound worlds and pulsating rhythms. Sound in Review

Schiller: Illuminate

“Empire Of Light” builds upon a guitar part as multiple layers stack to the theme. Schiller’s instruments’ sounds are full and natural sounding, adding to the appeal. The synth brings in a catchy melody as the dance beat fully develops. Light male vocal parts swim in the background as more layers of percussion, guitar, and synths continue to build. He’s use of the guitar is the standout aspect on this track, I would have enjoyed a more extensive build to the drop and a pumping dance beat the last time, but the song still builds nicely.

“Exotica” has an interesting vocal part, but the auto-tune is too much for my taste. I love it when electronic artists keep the vocals natural, which adds another layer of organic sound to the mix. The synth melody is catchy and leads to a distant female vocalist singing. But, again, the vocals are too overproduced; shame everything else sounds terrific.

1. Willkommen (1:00)
2. Empire Of Light (8:51)
3. Illuminate (4:06)
4. Meer Der Stille (4:51)
5. Exotica (5:10)
6. Reisefieber (4:45)
7. Arc Céleste (6:25)
8. Der Himmel über der Wüste (4:10)
9. Space (4:52)
10. La Luna (4:26)
11. Ein Morgen Im August (0:53)
12. Love and Tears (4:34)
13. Die Innere Stimme (4:36)
14. Midsommar (20:19)

1. Stardust (7:39)
2. What Have We Got (5:20)
3. Die schwarze Orchidee (3:48)
4. Lykke (4:30)
5. Serenity (1:51)
6. Quiet Love (4:45)
7. Let’s Watch The Stars (5:43)
8. Oceans Away (3:49)
9. El Color De La Luz (6:34)
10. Endlos I (4:56)
11. Endlos II (2:55)
12. Endlos III (5:39)
13. Paradigm of Peace (3:45)
14. Illuminate: Reprise (3:47)


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