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Hawkwind | Days of the Underground: The Studio & Live Recordings 1977-1979 (2023)


A deluxe 10 disc (8 cd / 2 blu ray) limited edition boxed set featuring all of the recordings made and released by Hawkwind and Hawklords between 1977 and 1979 featuring Robert Calvert. With an additional four cds of live material including all the surviving recordings from the september 1977 ‘Sonic Assassins’ concert in december 1977 and Hawklords live at Uxbridge University, all mixed from the original multi-track masters.
Also including the previously unreleased promotional film of Hawklords at Uxbridge University in 1978 and a performance of ‘quark, strangeness and charm’ on the Marc Bolan tv show, plus a lavishly illustrated book, essay and a poster. Cherry Red Records

Hawkwind’s tenure with the Charisma Records label in the latter part of the 1970s saw the band’s music break new ground. Dave Brock and Robert Calvert’s writing partnership produced a series of classic albums in ‘Quark, Strangeness And Charm’, ‘Hawklords – 25 Years On’ and ‘PXR 5’ and their live performances (with Calvert as an able frontman) became legendary.
The period between February 1977 and June 1979 saw the recording and release of this trio of classic albums, which saw Hawkwind adapt to the changing musical times and adopt a ‘new wave’ approach both on record and on stage.
This boxed set features stunning new 5.1 Surround Sound and Stereo remixes of these albums by Steven Wilson and also includes a host of rare studio out-takes from the time. Significantly, the set gathers together new mixes of all the surviving live recordings made on the band’s September 1977 tour, the Sonic Assassins concert in December 1977 and a Hawklords’ concert from November 1978. Newly mixed from the original multi-track tapes, these performances feature many previously unreleased tracks. Cherry Red Records

Hawkwind – Days of the Underground: The Studio & Live Recordings 1977-1979

Audio CD:

CD1: Quark, Strangeness And Charm – The Steven Wilson remix

  • Spirit of the Age
  • Damnation Alley
  • Fable of a Failed Race
  • Quark, Strangeness AND Charm
  • Hassan I Sahba
  • The Forge of Vulcan
  • The Days of the Underground
  • The Iron Dream
    Bonus tracks
  • Damnation Alley (live studio version)
  • A minor Jam session
  • Spirit of the Age (demo excerpt)

CD2: The Rockfield Studio sessions 1977

  • Damnation Alley (first version)
  • Spirit of the Age (full version)
  • The Days of the Underground (first version)
  • Quark, Strangeness AND Charm / Uncle Sam’s on Mars 5 Fable of a Failed Race (extended version)
  • Cake Out
  • Fahrenheit 451 (jam session)
  • Century X (jam session)

CD3: Hawklords – 25 Years On: The Steven Wilson remix

  • PSI Power
  • Freefall
  • Automoton
  • 25 Years
  • Flying Doctor
  • The Only Ones
  • (Only) The Dead Dreams of the Cold War Kid
  • The Age of the Micro Man
    Bonus tracks
  • The Only Ones (acoustic demo)
  • (Only) The Dead Dreams of the Cold War Kid (demo)
  • Freefall (Take Two)
  • Automoton (full version)
  • 25 Years (Take One)
  • Flying Doctor (live studio rehearsal)
  • (Only) The Dead Dreams of the Cold War Kid (Take Two)
  • The Age of the Micro Man (Take One)
  • Digger Jam

CD4: PXR 5 – The Steven Wilson remix

  • Death Trap
  • Jack of Shadows
  • Uncle Sam’s On Mars
  • Infinity
  • Life Form
  • Robot
  • High Rise
  • P.X.R. 5
    Bonus tracks
  • Jack of Shadows (live studio version)
  • High Rise (live studio version)
  • We Like to Be Frightened
  • Robot (first overdubbed version)
  • Jack of Shadows (Adrian Shaw vocal version)
  • PSI Power (single version)
  • 25 Years (single version)
  • Death Trap (single version)
  • Digger Jam

CD5: Live September 1977 – Fairfield Hall, Croydon And The Gaumont, Ipswich

  • Brainstorm (live Croydon 1977)
  • High Rise (live Croydon 1977)
  • Robot (live Croydon 1977)
  • Wind of Change (live Croydon 1977)
  • Jack of Shadows (live Croydon 1977)
  • Spirit of the Age (live Ipswich 1977)
  • Sonic Attack (live Ipswich 1977)
  • Damnation Alley (live Ipswich 1977)
  • Uncle Sam’s on Mars / The Iron Dream (live Ipswich 1977)
  • Quark, Strangeness And Charm (live Ipswich 1977)
  • Master of the Universe (live Ipswich 1977)
  • Welcome to the Future (live Ipswich 1977)

CD6: Live September 1977 – De Montfort Hall Leicester

  • Brainstorm
  • Steppenwolf
  • High Rise
  • Robot
  • Spirit of the Age
  • Sonic Attack
  • Damnation Alley
  • Uncle Sam’s on Mars /The Iron Dream
  • Master of the Universe
  • Welcome to the Future

CD7: Sonic Assassins – Queensway Hall, Barnstaple, 23rd December 1977

  • Golden Void
  • Magnu /Angels of Life
  • Freefall
  • Death Trap
  • Over the Top
  • Master of the Universe
  • Welcome to the Future

CD8: Hawklords – Brunel University, Uxbridge, 24th November 1978

  • Automoton
  • 25 Years
  • High Rise
  • Death Trap
  • The Age of the Micro Man
  • Spirit of the Age
  • Urban Guerrilla
  • Sonic Attack
  • PSI Power
  • Brainstorm

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Atomhenge
Original Release Date ‏ : ‎ 2023
Label ‏ : ‎ Atomhenge
Number of discs ‏ : ‎ 10

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