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Various Artists | Soul Jazz Records presents STUDIO ONE Space-Age Dub Special (2023)

studio one space age dub

Studio One Space-Age Dub Special is a brand-new Studio One release on Soul Jazz Records which draws on more rare and classic dubs taken from the mighty vaults of Studio One Records.
Most of these tracks are taken from Studio One’s superb long out-of-print series of dub albums released between 1974 and 1980 such as Zodiac Sounds, Ital Sounds and System, Roots Dub, Dub Store Special, Juks Incorporation and others. Many of these classic dub albums were originally released only in Jamaica in short-run pressings with special silk-screen printed sleeves all with striking minimal designs, and which now fetch many, many £100s of pounds.
These tracks, credited to the Dub Specialist, use the original music tracks to seminal Studio One rhythms, which are broken down, reconstructed, and manipulated using the studio mixing desk as an instrument.

Soul Jazz Records presents:
STUDIO ONE Space-Age Dub Special

With these albums producer Clement Dodd and engineer Sylvan Morris helped create some of the finest dubs ever known to man or woman!
The cover shows Clement ‘Sir Coxsone’ Dodd in orbit, an image inspired by DJ Lone Ranger‘s 1982 ‘Badda Dan Dem’ album for Studio One, the cover of which portrays Sir Coxsone at the controls of a spaceship with the DJ in space.
The tracks on Studio One Space-Age Dub Special are mainly instrumental cuts with occasional snippets of original vocals brought into the mix. Lone Ranger’s complete vocals feature on ‘A Lie Gal A Tell’, a 6min+ superb dubbed out piece of musical madness.
Also included is a selection of rare dub versions that only ever appeared on rare singles. Soul Jazz Records

Audio CD:


  • Red Neck (2:55)
  • Marcus Dub (3:41)
  • Accra (3:10)
  • A Lie Gal A Tell (5:53)
  • Squash Dub (3:29)
  • Pick Up The Version (2:53)
  • Saucy Perila (2:48)
  • Roaring Reggae (2:40)
  • Still Water Version (2:53)
  • My Man (Part 2) (2:26)
  • Disco Dub (2:51)
  • Tricky (2:36)
  • Illiteracy Version (2:54)
  • Wailing Sounds (2:30)
  • Juk’s Inc. (4:21)
  • Barb Wire Version (2:44)
  • Queen Of The Rub (3:24)
  • I A See I (2:48)

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