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Grateful Dead | History of the Grateful Dead Vol. 1 (Bear’s Choice) 50th Anniversary Edition (2023)

grateful dead bears choice

The Grateful Dead‘s first true archival album, Bear’s Choice, was lovingly produced as atribute to Pigpen shortly after he passed by none other that the Dead’s original soundman and benefactor, Owsley Stanley, aka Bear. Drawing from live shows recorded three years earlier by Bear at the Fillmore East in New York City, Bear’s Choice captures the Dead at an essential moment of their history, as they were about to record Workingman’s Dead (and shortly thereafter, American Beauty), and were transitioning into becoming Americana pioneers, while never losing touch with their psychedelic improvisational roots. Three of the eight songs on the album are sung by Pigpen, with Side 1 being the definitive example of early Acoustic Dead, and Side 2 being electric blues and rock & roll, with Pigpen leading the charge on both tracks on the second side.This has been re-mastered by David Glasser using Plangent Processes from the original analog 2-track tapes recorded live by Bear and has never sounded better.

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Drive-By Truckers | The Complete Dirty South (2023)


In 2004 the Drive-By Truckers released what would become the best selling album in their illustrious catalog. The Dirty South is a concept album that examines the state of the South, and unveils the hypocrisy, irony, and tragedy that continues to exist. The album features live show staples like, “Tornadoes”, “Where The Devil Don’t Stay” and “Puttin’ People On The Moon” as well as rarities like “Goode’s Field Road” and “Daddy’s Cup.” The Complete Dirty South is a band-led rework of the original album. Principal member, Patterson Hood, took the reins and reimagined this record as it was originally intended. The complete version features resequenced audio, three additional tracks, four remixes along with updated vocals. The packaging comes with a perfect bound book featuring liner notes from Patterson Hood, track by track descriptions from Mike Cooley and Jason Isbell as well as never before seen photos along with updated artwork from the late Wes Freed. “This ‘Director’s Cut’ is the way it was always intended to be heard” – Patterson Hood

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Braid | Frame & Canvas [25th Anniversary Edition] (2023)

braid 25 anniversary

Frame & Canvas is a landmark. Released in April of 1998, Braid’s third studio album and first full-length with Polyvinyl wasn’t their first nor last important statement, but its urgency, precision, and non-stop rush of innovative ideas lined up perfectly with the time it was created in to effect a profound shift. In the small but growing circles of Midwestern emo of the late ‘90s, and all that would eventually ripple outward and upward from those circles, nothing was quite the same after this record. We celebrate 25 years of Frame & Canvas with the first proper re-release of the album, not just newly remastered, but remixed from the original tapes.
By the time they were ready to track their third album in late 1997, Braid had become an unstoppable machine. The band hit the ground running upon forming four years earlier, churning out new material as fast as it could be put to tape and sharpening their performance chemistry with constant, nearly compulsive touring. Polyvinyl

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Alan Braxe, Fred Falke & Friends | The Upper Cuts (2023 Edition)

alan braxe fred falke _the upper cuts

The Upper Cuts (2023 Edition), originally released in 2005, features newly remastered versions of Alan Braxe’s tracks with Fred Falke, his remix of Shakedown’s “At Night,” and two of his most beloved and influential collaborations – The Paradise’s “In Love With You,” the elegant slice of heartbreak house he created with vocalist Romuald Louverjon, and Stardust’s “Music Sounds Better With You,” the worldwide hit he produced with Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter and singer Benjamin Diamond, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The Upper Cuts (2023 Edition) also adds seven bonus tracks, including Braxe’s remix of Britney Spears’ “Anticipating,” and two completely new tracks “True Love” and “Never Coming Back,” which features the Norwegian pop artist Annie. Smugglers Way

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The Golden Earring | Eight Miles High – Remastered & Expanded (2023)

The Golden Earring 2023

Expanded CD + DVD edition of the 1969 The Golden Earring album, featuring the 19-minute long cover version of The Byrds’ Eight Miles High. Remastered from the first-generation Olympic Studios master tapes. Features a DVD of the restored 1969 television film, 3 bonus tracks plus a 32-page booklet with a new essay, memorabilia, and photos. The psychedelic influenced EMH album – originally released in 1969 as The Golden Earring – is the band’s only album featuring drummer Sieb Warner.
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The Pigeon Detectives – Emergency [15 Year Anniversary Reissue]

vm 121
Very Limited Run of a remastered recordings of ‘Emergency’ the gold-selling 2nd album from The Pigeon Detectives. The original version was released 15 years ago in 2008.
The debut album by the Pigeon Detectives, 2007’s Wait for Me, was a fairly scrappy, almost punky take on the great Brit-pop revival of the late 2000s, full of refreshingly concise two-minute rockers owing much to the Buzzcocks/Undertones tradition. Unfortunately, the rush-released follow-up, barely a year later, loses most of what was appealing and fun about the debut. The album was produced by Stephen Street, whose work for the Smiths, Blur, and more recently the Kaiser Chiefs has made him a major figure in the style, but unfortunately… AllMusic
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Elvis Costello | The Songs of Bacharach & Costello [Super Deluxe Edition]

vm 101
The Songs of Bacharach & Costello, personally compiled by Elvis Costello, brings together all of the published songs that Costello has written with the legendary Burt Bacharach, one of the great composers of popular music in the 20th and now 21st Century.
Releasing March 3 via UMe, The Songs of Bacharach & Costello, celebrates a collaboration which began in 1995 and which continues to this day. Those who were surprised by the writers of “I’m Not Angry” and “What’s New Pussycat?” working together perhaps overlooked that Bacharach was engaging in musical collaboration for only the second time in his storied career – the first resulting in just a handful of songs musically written with Neil Diamond.
It was Costello who wrote the first musical draft of “God Give Me Strength,”communicating from Dublin to Los Angeles by fax – back in the 20th Century – and far from being offended by this presumption, Bacharach sent back an amended copy, laying out the signature intro motif for flugelhorn, adding the expansive bridge section and making all sorts of subtle but crucial amendments to the melodic and rhythmic phrasing of Costello’s first draft…

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