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Braid | Frame & Canvas [25th Anniversary Edition] (2023)

braid 25 anniversary

Frame & Canvas is a landmark. Released in April of 1998, Braid’s third studio album and first full-length with Polyvinyl wasn’t their first nor last important statement, but its urgency, precision, and non-stop rush of innovative ideas lined up perfectly with the time it was created in to effect a profound shift. In the small but growing circles of Midwestern emo of the late ‘90s, and all that would eventually ripple outward and upward from those circles, nothing was quite the same after this record. We celebrate 25 years of Frame & Canvas with the first proper re-release of the album, not just newly remastered, but remixed from the original tapes.
By the time they were ready to track their third album in late 1997, Braid had become an unstoppable machine. The band hit the ground running upon forming four years earlier, churning out new material as fast as it could be put to tape and sharpening their performance chemistry with constant, nearly compulsive touring. Polyvinyl

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Bardo Pond | Volume 3 (2023)

Bardo Pond

Super rare Bardo Pond recordings from 2002 and pressed on vinyl for the very first time. The third in the band’s series of limited-edition releases showcasing jam sessions and other miscellany. Like Fugazi on acid, a rage for the Velvets, a mantra with real purity of tone.
Somewhere between the ‘Dilate’ album in 2001 (“a combination of Kyuss and Spacemen 3” NME) and ‘On the Ellipse’ in 2003 (“Nowhere is feedback more melancholic, more emotive, than that fashioned by Bardo Pond” Brainwashed), Bardo Pond transcended into a mantra-like, multi-layered, cross-dimensional, wah wah powered nirvana.
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BIG|BRAVE – nature morte

vm 126

BIG|BRAVE, the elemental ensemble of guitarist/vocalist Robin Wattie, guitarist Mathieu Ball, and drummer Tasy Hudson, harness an earthen heaviness composed of distorted and textural drones, austere bombast, and Wattie’s heart-rending voice. Like recent collaborators The Body, BIG|BRAVE is at the forefront of reconfiguring the landscape of heavy music. The trio brandish sparseness and density like weapons, cast tense… Thrill Jockey Records
Montreal’s BIG|BRAVE have been creating heavy, doom-laden rock music since the early 2010s. Since the beginning, their recordings have contained expansive, visceral compositions built around lumbering, repetitive rhythms and featuring punishingly loud guitars and wailing vocals. A 2021 collaboration with the Body was a return to the group’s roots, presenting raw interpretations of Appalachian, Canadian, and English hymns and folk songs. AllMusic
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Various Artists | Steven Wilson Presents Intrigue: Progressive Sounds in UK Alternative Music 1979-89 (2023)

Curated by Porcupine Tree guitarist Steven Wilson, the four-disc compilation Intrigue: Progressive Sounds in UK Alternative Music 1979-89 tackles the entirety of the 1980s with the mission of exposing the strangest, most inventive, and most abstract sounds coming out of the United Kingdom in a decade where music could often feel sterile or homogenized… AllMusic
“This is my personally-curated attempt to redress the balance, and to perhaps introduce any 1980s-sceptics out there to the idea that conceptual thinking and ambition didn’t suddenly evaporate after 1977. Ambitious, weird and thrilling music was all around you in the 1980s – if you looked in the right places.” – Steven Wilson

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El Ten Eleven | Valley of Fire (2023)

Valley of Fire is El Ten Eleven most thematically committed record, merging personal anecdotes with the larger ecosystem of the sound. While the album was inspired by organic beauty, its seven songs are still rife with El Ten Eleven’s trademark technical flair. This is their 13th record, and it’s clear Valley of Fire and El Ten Eleven has evolved with a similar cadence. The trials of age and experience have ushered in something altogether new… Bandcamp
Valley of Fire is a bit of a departure for instrumental rock duo El Ten Eleven. While usually upbeat, their music has always had its bittersweet or melancholy tendencies, reflecting on the losses of loved ones while also celebrating their lives. They’ve also found inventive ways to construct danceable grooves without any sort of programming or sequencing, but with the aid of real-time looping effects, earning a sizeable following as a live act… AllMusic

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Black Belt Eagle Scout | The Land, The Water, The Sky (2023)

Black Belt Eagle Scout teaches us, guides, and inspires us, all the while dazzling us with lush atmospheres, seismic rhythms, and a voice that unfurls from another and perhaps a better world… PopMatters
Paul centers the intricacies of home/coming across 12 pristine tracks, each pushing post-rock to its most beautiful extreme… Paste Magazine
The thematic focus on the therapeutic powers of the natural world, and the protective presence of familial and spiritual energies, make The Land, the Water, the Sky feel just as suited to playing from the peak of a mountain as from the crackling speaker of a bar or bookstore… Exclaim

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Bardo Pond | No Hashish, No Change Money, No Saki Saki (2023)


All tracks recorded at the Lemur House, Philadelphia PA between June and December 1993 except for “Earth and Sky” which was recorded live at WKDU in 1993 and “Amen” and “Candlelight” which were recorded live at the Khyber Pass in Philadelphia. Mastered in 2022 by Carl Saff. Originally released in a small self-released cassette edition in 1993.
Philadelphia psych stalwarts Bardo Pond issued several cassettes in the early 1990s before releasing their proper debut full-length, Bufo Alvarius, and reaching greater exposure with several albums on Matador Records. No Hashish, No Change Money, No Saki Saki first appeared as a self-distributed tape in 1993, then later as a remastered CD-R, and finally as a… All Music

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